Astoria Bridge, Short Trolley

This portrait of the Astoria Bridge on the Columbia river, shows a unique anomaly that is caused when there is motion in relation to the motion of the sensor in the scanning back method of digital capture. When I set up to take this image, I did not know that there was a trolley car that might come through the picture so the shortened moving trolly was a pleasant accident. The trolley was shortened because it came through the field of view going the opopsite direction to the scanner. So it became shortened. In the upper right of the photo you can also see what happens when the leaves moved up and down in the wind as the scanner sensor whent by that section of the image. "See Astoria Bridge, Long trolley for more efects." All images on this website are copyright Tim A. Fleming with all rights reserved. Tech Info: Digital Infrared Photography using a Hoya R-72 filter and the Betterlight Digital scanning back with (portability option) in a Linhof Technika 4x5, about 268 meg file size, 180 apo Rodenstock lens at about f32. 2007, 5:05:44 PM, 8C, 6000x8000, (0+0), 100%, bent 6 stops, 1/500 s, R88.1, G75.3, B103.9

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