Commercial Photography

The city has surrounded my little place in the country and now a nice new freeway lets you off just 2 minutes from the studio making it an easy drive from Fresno or Clovis. There is over 1000sq ft of studio space with a partial kitchen (for food shots), large changing/bathroom (for models), high ceiling and a large (7’ wide) receiving door.

Tim Fleming, the Photographer:

1. Over twenty five years experience as a photographer, 12 years experience providing digital to the industry. His technical abilities and understanding of the various media processes, will insure that all the tonality, color saturation and textures down to the smallest fine detail of your subject or product will be captured.

2. Studied the artistic aspects of photography through many workshops and years of self study. Reaching Beyond the mere technical, he has mastered many advanced, artistic photographic techniques that can be applied when ever the need arises. He shows his fine art photography at several galleries is a member of Spectrum Gallery (Central CA Photographers Guild) a non profit corporation for the advancement of photography as an recognized art form.

3. Invested in the finest state of the art digital capture system. After extensive research into the all technologies for fine art digital capture, a Betterlight digital capture system was chosen and purchased. This system has exceeded highest expectations and is capable of producing an image that is better than 4x5 film. It has, without any doubt, the best and most accurate color reproduction of any system available today and the maximum file size is whopping 137 megabytes (or smaller as needed).

4. Extensive experience in digital retouching and photocomposition. Slight defects in products can be repaired, colors can be changed, type can be added. Backgrounds can be changed and multiple products can be inserted into a page. Just about anything you can dream up, can now be done.

The creative fee is assessed at 65.00 per hour for: studio set up, photography or digital capture and there is a 2 hour minimum. Drive time for location shoot, consultation or delivery is billed at 1/2 normal hourly rate or one way what ever is less. Computer files need to be sized and calibrated according to the intended use. The Time required will vary according to file size. If you have in house graphics capabilities, then we can deliver a raw oversize tiff file There is no charge for putting your images to CD, just the hourly rate for the labor. Film (when needed) is billed at 30.00 per roll for processing and materials. Sheet film and Processing or Polaroids are billed for reimbursement at 8.00 ea Location work is billed including equipment loading and drive time just one way. Driving over 10 miles, reimburse auto expense at .40 per mile.Pick up and delivery of Products to be photographed and return media disks, all drive time and auto expense is charged one way.

Policies: Session fee includes 2 year all U.S. use rights, additional rights to be negotiated as per needs of the job. Review of images from digital camera usually takes place during your session. Please allow time for selection and editing process in your schedule.All sessions by appointment only so please, always call before coming out as we often are out of the studio working on location

Terms: Established Accounts, 2-10 and net 30 from delivery. We work by appointment only. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards at this time. For non established accounts: (as dertimened by Tim) 50% deposit and 50% on delivery. If your check is returned from the bank for any reason, you agree to pay a 25.00 returned check fee. Should any account go unpaid for more than 60 days, from delivery date, customer agrees to pay 1.5% per month interest and to pay all reasonable attourneys and collection fees.